Ride or Die…Just Kidding. This is a blog about singing in my car

In an effort to regain my equilibrium, I’ve started digging in to my arsenal of things that make me feel better. It could not be worse timing that there are no new movies out that I have a vested interest in. But one thing remains true…signing in my car.

I got my licence when I was a kiddo, like most in my generation and quickly fell in love with the “musical me time” that comes with driving alone. Up until that point, I’d had to share radio stations in my parents car on long drives to softball games and other appointments. While that was fine, it wasn’t necessarily soothing.

When walkmans (yes, I’m that old) and then portable CD players became common place, I found refuge in music. Having headphones on became a non-verbal, “please leave me be” and after a relatively short culture shock, it wasn’t that weird to see someone rocking out to unheard music with a little yellow box on their hip.

But, I didn’t know true freedom until I started driving. I could listen to whatever I wanted, within reason since digital music wasn’t a thing yet. But if I could brave the radio ads, I could listen to my hearts content, sing along and breathe a sigh of relief in my little box of anonymity.

I’ve never minded communting to school or work. More time with music. When MP3 players became a thing…and then playlists…my life changed forever. 100% control over my music meant 100% control over my mood.I could play whatever I wanted. One song over and over again? Sure! Why not? One playlist about badass strong women? Do it!

So now, my #1 coping skill is a well crafted playlist pumping through my car stereo system, courtesy of my prettk pink AUX cable. My truck is my refuge, music is the balm, and with the right playlist, I’ll start to bounce back.

Anyone else have a favorite “make me feel better” trick?


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