Web of Creativity

I hate spiders.

I’m one of those people that sees a big spider in the house and can very seriously recommend that we just burn the whole thing down and rebuild in a less spidery location. Like Mars.

That being said. I also believe in the energy of the Universe manifesting in our lives and spiders and their sticky webs have long been a sign of creative sparks or the need to bring more creativity into one’s life. I dislike this. But I’ve lived long enough to see it be true for me so…spiders it is.

Currently, I’ve allowed a tiny spider to live in my bathroom window for a few weeks as a message to the Universe that, while I am unimpressed with her choice in messenger, I hear her. Saucy little minx.

 For the past year, I’ve also managed to coexist with a Daddy Long Leg spider in the far corner of my bedroom. I’ve no idea why those are less threatening than the others but George stays put in his corner so I don’t kill him. Though his web is getting pretty presumptuous so…we’ll see.

So, where am I going with all of this?

Last night, I started writing again, after nearly three years of zero interest in writing. Why the prolonged hiatus? Well, just after finishing grad school in 2012 I became a ghostwriter and, while it started out well enough, it became one of the most miserable and terrifying experiences of my life…and I’ve not been able to face writing since then.

Not until this blog, and then last night, my fiction writing broke free once more. I credit this to George, my tiny bathroom dweller, and the finale at the end of last week which turned out to be a  gumball sized Black Widow on the inside of my mother’s screen door. I haven’t screamed that loud in a long time…

Anyway. I wrote a chapter last night, for a story, I have no plan for since I didn’t exactly plan on writing, to begin with. Not sure what finally tipped me over the edge but we’ll see where it goes.

Creation energy is tricky stuff. By its very nature, it brings all manner of new things into your life. We’ve been getting new client phone calls out of the blue, writing has become a daily activity…here’s hoping it’s also a baby creation energy!

As it stands. There are two spiders in my house, and I suppose they can stay…for now.

Should I warn them that our monthly exterminator appointment is tomorrow morning?


4 thoughts on “Web of Creativity

  1. Your first paragraph made me snort with laughter. Seriously. It’s a good thing I hadn’t just taken a sip of my drink.
    Personally, I love spiders – I used to have pet tarantulas, but my husband would rather have cats (fine by me, too – they’re easier to cuddle). So I just have free-roaming pet spiders, now. BTW, I love the title photo – jumping spiders are like the puppies of the spider world to me – adorable!

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    1. I’m glad you liked it! And you’re much braver than I! I’m famous for my ickey spider dance and my poor dog just watches me run around, swatting at nothing, waiting for me to let her in on the game. Glad you liked the photo! I’m always torn when I see “cute” spider and snake pictures. We’ll call them “cute” from a distance and leave it at that! Thank you very much for your comment. I checked out your Amazon Author page! Your work looks wonderful! Good luck to you!

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      1. I’m still laughing, picturing your dance… but to be honest, my cats are smarter than your dog – they’d get out of my way, waiting for the chance to get first dibs on whatever it was I was dancing about. 😉 LOL!

        Thanks for checking out my work, and following along! If you like to read, enjoy! I’m working on the third book in the 18th-century trilogy at the moment; the other 2-part story is epic fantasy science fiction, with a big dose of historical research for the Viking era and modern archaeology storylines. If you read them, and enjoy them, please do pass the word! 🙂

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