Continuing The Creative Spirt

Tuesday night I finally sucked it up, looked up the local Sweet Adelines Chapter in my area and sat in on a rehearsal. Barbershop music has been a part of my life since I was very young. It’s a very special style of music that required a willingness to enjoy yourself, play and be transported back in time.

In Junior High and High School, I sang in our Women’s Chorus as well as our Show Choir. Sweet Adelines is the women’s version of Barbershop and both groups perform in both chorus and Quartets.

I love this music. I love performing and I adore the theatrics that go along with the music. I’ve never failed to be entertained by both the incredible harmonies and the complete ridiculousness of the performance.

The group I got to sit in with was small, kind and confided in m that the other local chapter was more about medals and awards. “We’re here to have fun!” While I appreciated what they were trying to say, that’s not a great endorsement when talking to a kid like me, who thrives on competition and performance pressure. I miss the days when I was in constant competition mode. And cannot remember a single performance during my singing years that I didn’t love.

I can’t say the same for my softball experience. Which is probably why music holds such a meaningful place in my heart. I had the distinct pleasure of being part of very talented choirs when I was a kid. It wasn’t until I grew up, continued going to performances and realized just how good our little group was. I have to give serious credit to my choir teacher, who managed to take our group of juvenile delinquents and turn us into one hellova singing group.

Next week is the Sweet Adeline International Competition. If you have any interest in watching these performances, here’s the link: Right now they have great coverage of previous performances and next week starts the 2016 competition.

Because of the international competition, all the groups will be “dark” meaning they’re not practicing, but the following week, another group in my area will be back practicing. I’m planning on going to that rehearsal and seeing if I like their dynamic. And if I do, I’ll probably try out!

Wish me luck!

On a baby note: Started my period today. Going to call it into the clinic in just a bit and get set up for attempt #2. I’ve started 2 days early, further emphasizing that I probably just didn’t start testing twice-a-day, early enough last time. So, here we go!


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